Ubisoft Comment on Watch Dogs PS4/Xbox One Pre-Order Bundle Fate After Delay Announcement

Ubisoft just announced a launch delay for Watch Dogs from November 2013 to Spring 2014 for all platforms. This announcement has left many fans wondering about their pre-order of PS4/Xbox One Watch Dogs Bundle.

Kotaku got in touch with one of the Ubisoft representative on this but the response site received was more of a shock, read it below:

“Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo understand the importance of releasing games of the very highest quality for their consoles. Our partnership with Sony remains strong and we will have more details to share about the specific benefits of this partnership for PlayStation customers at a later date.”

“We hope that players who have pre-ordered the game will still look forward to playing it in Spring 2014, and that the extra polish and quality we’ll be able to add to the game will ensure a fantastic gaming experience.”

This means fate of fans who pre-order Watch Dogs on PS4/Xbox One bundle still hangs in disbalance and there is no guarantee that their next-gen consoles will arrive this Fall 2013.