Ubisoft Has Been Showcased A Mind Blowing Sony First Party PS4 Unannounced Game

Ubisoft Events Specialist & Team Leader UK Sunny Sanghera has revealed on Twitter he has had a chance to see a Sony first party PlayStation 4 game which has not been publicly showcased yet, and that he was astonished by how good it looks.

PlayStation 4

“I saw a Sony first party PS4 game today which is still in development”, Sanghera said to his followers. “My reaction literally was…” attaching a gif pretty good in describing his surprise in seeing the quality of that game.

Of course, the Ubisoft man wasn’t allowed to talk about the title in very specific terms, as we believe NDA are in place and will be until at least the upcoming E3 2016 starts in June.

Chances are this first party game is one among the new God of War title and Sucker Punch’s rumored Spider-Man tie-in. Which of them would you prefer to see, if you’d have to choose only one of them? It’s a situation we don’t think will actually happen anyway, since it is highly likely both the games will be officially presented next month in Los Angeles.