Ubisoft Shares First Watch Dogs Wii U Screenshots, Download Size Just 17.7 GB, Price Still Whooping $60

Watch Dogs

The launch of Wii U version of Ubisoft’s open world hacking title, Watch Dogs is just around the corner. It will arrive on retail shelves on November 18, and for those who are eagerly awaiting the launch, Ubisoft via Nintendo eShop has first screenshots of Watch Dogs running on Wii U.

Watch Dogs

In addition to this, the listing of the Watch Dogs on Nintendo eShop also carries “download size and price” information. Watch Dogs will be 17.7GB for download, and the price is $60, it’s definitely too high considering the fact that the game is releasing on Wii U several months late and also there aren’t any DLC included.

Check out the new screenshots below. We awarded Watch Dogs an excellent review score of “8.5/10” and stated:

With Watch Dogs, Ubisoft delivers almost on most fronts. The game offers tons of content for open world genre fans, single-player campaign of around 40 hours and mini-games. At most fronts Ubisoft tried to replicate things offered by Grand Theft Auto V and to our surprises succeeded brilliantly. Hacking and Combat mechanic are the two things that differentiates Watch Dogs from GTA V and this is where the game shines. A Must Buy for All Open World Genre fans especially on PC or PlayStation 4.

Watch Dogs Wii U Screenshot 1

Watch Dogs Wii U Screenshot 2

Watch Dogs Wii U Screenshot 3

Watch Dogs Wii U Screenshot 4