Ubisoft working on new Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Driver San Francisco

An insider story has come out form Ubisoft it seem like Ubisoft had started their development work on new Assassain Creed and a new Driver game, this news comes out because of two new domain name register with ubisoft, these domain name are

  • assassinscreedbrotherhood.com
  • driversanfrancisco.com.

Both this domain is been registered with Ubisoft and the first one hold some sense as Ubisoft had already hinted in the past that they will be releasing the successor to Assassin Creed 2 before the current year comes to end. Surprise element here is the driver domain name, the game with same name was release way back in 1999 on Playstation and was a not a big success and its successor was also got degrade in terms of quality and it was out of market for long time, Now what Ubisoft is up to will only be reveal at E3 till end we just have to wait and watch.