Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 Is A “Bad Port”, Players Report Matchmaking, Sound Bugs, Messed Up Visuals, No AF & Other Issues

Ultra Street Fighter launch on PlayStation 4 isn’t a smooth one as every PlayStation fans expected. The game seems to be a bad port on PlayStation 4 as PS4 gamers are experiencing some nasty issues like: “Slower Online, Matchmaking, Slower Moves with less range, Decapre’s teleport and many other things”.

Ultra Street Fighter IV

A hilarious thing is that in Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 the start-up screen still says “Press Start” as if the Dualshock 4 still has a start button. You can check out summary of the complaints that are popping up right now in Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 version:

The online doesn’t seems to be running great. Frame delay issues

A lot of people are reporting that the game feels “off” but are having a hard time placing it, since the framerate seems to be holding up. Some are saying it feels slower than the other versions for some reason. Others are reporting input delay.

The menus are all super choppy.

The visuals are messed up in some cases. Weird outlines around the characters, super high saturation.

Blurry textures

Lots of sound bugs/missing sound effects

Sound bugs

Special moves causing graphical glitches, turning invisible, etc.


When you’re in an online match your username is displayed for both players’ name, or names are displayed incorrectly

Decapre’s teleports have shorter range and are slower for no apparent reason (confirmed). Other moves may be different too. (unconfirmed)

For those who are unaware of, Ultra Street Fighter IV is now available on PS4 via PS Store for $25. It comes bundled with all th DLCs and also support PS3 Fight Sticks.