Unannounced PS4 Exclusive From Guerrilla Games Includes “Robot Dinos, Female Protagonist”, E3 Trailer Ready: Insider


Industry Insider, Shinobi602 has just some interesting juicy details regarding Guerrilla Games unannounced Playstation 4 exclusive. We all know that the studio is working on an open world RPG but today, Shinobi602 shared what other element we are going to see in the title.

Shinobi revealed that Guerrilla Games’ new IP sounds pretty unique and is set in completely different from their previous work and is apparently set in open world environment full of exotic creatures and lush environments.

Shinobi further revealed details regarding lead protagonist, a red headed FEMALE. Here is what the tweet from Shinobi reads:

“Sounds unique, has some lush environments, robot dinos, other weird exotic creatures. Red headed female protagonist.”


When asked whether Guerrilla Games will their new IP at E3 2014? Shinobi replied: “There’s a trailer ready, but whether it’s shown or not depends on other things. They can change literally hours before.”

About release window, Shinobi revealed that Guerrilla Games is targeting Fall 2015. So there you have it folks its going to be an open world RPG featuring female lead protagonist, Robot Dinos and more. Are you guys excited?