Unannounced PS4 exclusive from Sony London will use Unreal Engine and features High-Quality 3D Environments: Job listing

Today, some brand new information about unannounced Playstation 4 exclusive title, from Sony London studios, has arrived via new a job listing on the official Playstation Jobs website. The studio is looking for a temp Environment Art Contractor and this provides us a hint on how the environment surrounding will look in the title.

PS4You can read the excerpt from job listing below: “This is a great opportunity for you to join our team of experienced artists and work with us to deliver our next-generation environments.”

The Environment Art Contractor role involves:

  • Creating high-quality 3D environment assets, texturing and lighting to schedule times.
  • Modelling, shading, texturing in Maya.
  • High-detail sculpting in ZBrush and the baking-down to in-game process.
  • Experience of middleware solutions such as Unreal Engine would be extremely advantageous.

Earlier job listings from the studio have already confirmed involvements of vehicles and next-gen lightning in Sony London’s unannounced PS4 project and now details regarding environment with usage of Maya and ZBrush, most advanced tools available right now, to create 3D props and backdrops, plus mentioning of Unreal Engine.

It seems like Playstation’s first party studios are developing some massive products.