Uncharted 3 “Menu Screen” picture LEAKED

Just few minutes ago we confirmed that retail copy of Uncharted 3 has been leaked early all thanks to retailer’s breaking the street release date. Now some more image has surface on internet to proof this leak claim. This time the picture arrived shows Uncharted 3’s title screen.

Uncharted 3 screenshot

You guys can check out the image below. Uncharted 3 Menu screen features three options, Single-Player, Multi-Player, and Co-Op. At the bottom of the image there are other details such as credits, options, etc.

Uncharted 3 title screen shows half buried AK rifle, and it really looks damn AWESOME. This game is definitely a must watch for me. Check out the images below:

Uncharted 3 leaked menu pic

Uncharted 3 leaked menu pic 1

Uncharted 3 leaked menu pic 2