Uncharted 4 For PS4 is “Breathtaking, Graphics/Visuals Better Than Quantum Break, The Order:1886 and The Division”

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Well known industry insider, Ahsan Rasheed aka Thuway strikes again. Via Twitter Ahsan Rasheed has share some interesting details regarding next instalment in Uncharted franchise, Uncharted for Playstation 4.

Thuway stated that Uncharted for Playstation 4 preview are describe as breathtaking and development team at Naughty Dog are using some impressive tricks and tech.

Uncharted For PS4

Thuway tweeted: “Uncharted PS4 visuals will make you say, “Quantum/Order/Division who?” Stupidly impressive tricks and tech.”

“Uncharted preview is being described as breathtaking. I don’t know about any more Sony megatons- but the word the last word I got is:”

He later on added that first party content from Sony is pretty impressive and people will take notice of it whenever it shows up.

“The 1st Party stuff is seriously impressive. Whenever it’s shown, it will make people take notice.”

Thuway also revealed that there’s no more inside info on Microsoft’s Big Third Party Xbox One exclusive.

“I tried pressing for more info, nothing there. Also no new info on MS’s megatons. Looks like leaks are sealed. See you guys next Monday.”

When asked some details on any other secret projects Sony is working on Thuway replied: “Oh and before you ask, no I haven’t heard about any SECRET PS4 titles or GG’s game showing up. The only one I knew was Castlevania Souls.”

So this is all we have from Thuway, it seems like Uncharted for Playstation 4 will raise the bar of graphics/visuals in gaming industry.