Uncharted For PS4: “People Will Be Amazed With Graphics/Visuals, Its A Big Jump” says Naughty Dog


Yesterday at PS4 All Access Event, Naughty Dog announced the next installment in Uncharted franchise exclusively for PlayStation 4. The developer showed a teaser trailer which features a voice over and numerous locations.

Uncharted For PS4

Immediately after the announcement, our friend Geoff Keighley got in touch with Naughty Dog Co-president Christophe Balestra to have some words on Uncharted for PS4.

Christophe Balestra talked about graphics/visuals of Uncharted on PS4. He stated that development team at ND will be pushing storytelling and performance capture parameters in Uncharted for PS4.

Christophe further went on to add that PlayStation fans will be amazed with the graphics/visuals in Uncharted for PS4. You can read the exact quote of Christophe below:

“I mean we’re going to be pushing storytelling and performance capture as always. But graphically I think we’re going to see a big jump with what the team is working on right now and I think people will be pretty amazed with all the good stuff that’s happening at Naughty Dog today.”

If you missed out on yesterday’s Uncharted for the PS4 teaser trailer, you can watch it HERE along with some hint to plot details.

Watch PS4 All Access Event Full Show below.