Uncharted Movie – Tom Holland To Play Young Drake, Prequel Story Set Before Game Events

Who will play the lead role of Nathan Drake in Uncharted movie? It seems like we finally have an answer for it, According to the details just revealed by Deadline, Spider-Man Homecoming lead actor Tom Holland has been signed to play the role of YOUNG Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie. The studio behind the Uncharted movie has decided to rewrite and rebuild the entire project from the scratch, the movie is now going to be a prequel, and events in the movie will take place before the events of the game.

Uncharted Movie - Young Nathan Drake

Does this mean, the R-rated screenplay of Joe Carnahan has been scrapped? Well, it looks this way only. Who is going to rewrite and rebuild the story (i.e. who is going to be the new writer of an Uncharted movie), we have no details on it yet, but Shawn Levy is still on board to direct the movie. Shawn Levy has previously directed REAL STEEL and Stranger Things.

Are you happy with Tom Holland playing Young Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie or you would have love to see some other actors play that role (name it who comes to your mind)? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.