Uncharted Officially Announced For PS4, Debut Teaser Trailer And Plot Details Revealed

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

The debut teaser trailer of Naughty Dog’s next installment in Uncharted series has been released ahead of Playstation 4 All Access Event.

Uncharted For PS4As this is the teaser trailer, it features an extended voice over and view of view of various locations located on a map. Take a look at the footage below.

About Uncharted For PS4, Naughty Dog said: “We have great news for all our Uncharted fans – Amy, Justin, and the team are hard at work on an amazing new installment of the Uncharted series to be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 system.”

“Our goal is to continue what we’ve done in previous console generations and once again deliver the best in storytelling, performance capture, technical innovation and graphics on the PS4. We can confirm that the voiceover is performed by Todd Stashwick and he will play a character in the game.”

Possible plot detail of Uncharted for PS4: Cape of Good Hope, is one of the few locations feature in the teaser trailer of Uncharted for PS4. This location is located on Atlantic cost of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa, does this have an reference to The Flying Dutchman, a legendary ghost ship of tormented and ghostly sailors?.

who knows what Naughty Dog have in store of all Playstation fans with this. Let the guessing game begin guys, share with us the hidden secret you discovered in below Uncharted for PS4 teaser trailer.