Uncharted Series Hits Sales Milestone, 41.7 Million Copies Worldwide


In 2016, according to Play Station’s head Shawn Layden, the sales of their critically acclaimed game Uncharted was estimated to be around 28 million copies in total, which includes all the titles starting from the first installment in the franchise launched in 2007. Now, in the year 2017 during Uncharted’s 10th Anniversary at the PSX panel, Naughty Dog announced that the game sales have hit 41.7 million copies in total worldwide. And this is definitely a sales milestone for the Uncharted series or any game for considering it’s time frame.

Uncharted Series Worldwide Sales Reaches 41 Million

And selling nearly 14 million copies in just 18 months is phenomenal. This giant leap in the sales just proves that how good the final installment of the series is in addition to the fact the power-packed PS4 pro was a huge success. As the sales number include all the Uncharted games including the ones which came bundled with the PlayStations.

Not only the bundled games the 41.7 million sales figure also include the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection edition too. Which bumps the sales a bit more, however, achieving 41.7 million marks is commendable.

We all know that the Nathan Drake canon is complete with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. And Naughty Dog has also announced that they do not have any future plans for another installment in the franchise, but one can say by looking at the sales figure that, spin-off Uncharted games are coming. The only question remaining is that which studio will be taking over Naughty Dog for the spin-off series.

Moreover, Uncharted seems to be having a bright future as there is an upcoming Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland, so seeing a new installment of the franchise is just a matter of time.