Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review From Early Player, Explains Whether It Is Worth $40 Or Not

What happens when a copy of a game gets leaked early? Early players start posting details about the game on social media platforms and forums. Sadly, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has met up with the same fate. Reddit user “merrilltom88” somehow got the copy of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy early, played it from start to finish (completed it), and shared his impression on the popular PS4 sub-Reddit. Merrilltom88 revealed details such as how long it took for him to complete Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, how does the story compare to the previous Uncharted games, whether the game is worth the $40 price tag, and many other things.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review

Firstly, Merrilltom88 revealed that it took him around 7 hours to complete The Lost Legacy from start to finish in HARD MODE (6 hours, 40 minutes to be more specific). Whether asked: Did you rushed it or did you played it normal? Merrilltom88 replied: “I did not rush at all. I even looked for treasures and explored the locations.”

6 Hours, 40 Minutes is nowhere close to the figure Naughty Dog gave us about The Lost Legacy. Naughty Dog Community Manager Arne Meyer stated (back in April 2017) that The Lost Legacy could be over 10 hours long. This is not all, Naughty Dog has been advertising The Lost Legacy as a project which was started as a DLC but accidentally made a full game. One of the questions Merrilltom88 received from Reddit Community was related to this:

When asked about the overall experience The Lost Legacy provided i.e. Did you experienced it as a game or as a simple DLC? Merrilltom88 replied: “It’s definitely a full game, just not as big as the other Uncharted games.”

Talking about the story of The Lost Legacy, Merrilltom88 stated that the story is not that interesting, it is the gameplay that is going to keep the player on the hook to complete the game in one sitting from start to finish.

“There are still jokes in the game, just not as funny as Sully’s dirty jokes lol. Chloe and Nadine are still a great duo though and I hope we get to see more of them. The story didn’t interest me as much as it did in the previous games and it was the gameplay that kept me motivated to keep playing and finish it in one sitting.”

Few questions were directed towards the ending: One user asked about the ending (without spoiling anything) – whether it gives any hints for more continuation stories for the Uncharted series? Merrilltom88 replied: NOPE, and added: “We’ll see what Naughty Dog decides to do with the series. Let’s hope for the best.”

Last but not the least, when asked: whether The Lost Legacy is worth $40 price tag? He replied that if you are a fan of Uncharted series than The Lost Legacy becomes a must buy even at $40 price tag.

In short, don’t go for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy with expectations that the experience will be something similar to what you have got with the major installment in the series. Keep you excitement level in check with respect to the story and enjoy each and every moment that comes your way – Chloe and Nadine is a great pair.

Source: Merrilltom88 at Reddit