Universal Studios Japan gets an awesome Final Fantasy roller coaster


Ever wanted to experience the world of Final Fantasy through a different lens than the video games? Universal Studios Japan is making that wish come true, with the introduction of something extremely cool: a Final Fantasy roller coaster. On Jan. 19, Final Fantasy fans are getting a special treat from Universal Studios Japan called Final Fantasy XR Ride. It’s a roller coaster!

But it’s not just any roller coaster. It’s a VR-enabled roller coaster that uses VR to help tell its special Final Fantasy story. It’ll span 30 years of Final Fantasy, and its visuals are being provided by Square Enix. Fan-favorite characters like Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud, Final Fantasy VIII’s Squall, Final Fantasy IX’s Zidane, and Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning will make an appearance during the ride, but their specific roles haven’t been explained beyond the brief teaser trailer, where we also see Sephiroth. What would a Final Fantasy ride be without Sephiroth?

The ride will only be available for a limited time as part of Universal Studios Japan’s Cool Japan 2018 event, which will also feature attractions spotlighting Detective Conan and Monster Hunter, as well as an eventual Sailor Moon attraction in the spring. We can’t forget the awesome Super Nintendo World as well, which is planned for debut in 2020, and it looks absolutely amazing.

If you’ll be in the neighborhood, you might want to make a pilgrimage to Universal Studios Japan for the Final Fantasy ride. It sounds like a pretty interesting experience for fans.