Unofficial Working Fix For PS4 Firmware 2.0 Rest Mode Bug Discovered


Earlier this week, Sony released a brand new major firmware for PlayStation 4. It updated the console to v2.0 and added ton of exciting new features such as “Share Play, Pause Download, USB Media player” and many more things. However, the launch of firmware 2.0 wasn’t a smooth one and many PS4 owners faced nasty issues with newly introduced “Rest Mode”. The mode appeared to be bugged and according to reports from users on official PlayStation forums they are unable to wake PlayStation 4 from Rest Mode.

PlayStation 4

Sony acknowledged the issue and stated that PlayStation 4 owners who are experiencing issue with Rest Mode must restart PS4 in Safe Mode and Rebuild The Database. This official temporary workaround worked for just handful of PS4 owners.

Today, Reddit user “wanderjahr” seems to have found a permanent workaround for nasty “Rest Mode” Bug in PlayStation 4. According to wanderjahr, to fix this issue all PS4 owners need to do is change “Supply Power to USB Ports” option to “Always” from Setting Menu. Here is the steps you need to follow:

“[Settings]>[Power Save Settings]>[Set Functions Available in Rest Mode]>[Supply Power to USB Ports]>[Always]”

Wanderjahr says: “I tried some of the other fixes but they didn’t work for me. Tried changing the above settings and now Rest Mode works perfectly. After putting my PS4 in Rest Mode successfully half a dozen times in various conditions, I can cautiously say it works (*for me).”

In the comment, other Reddit users have acknowledged that this fix worked perfectly from them. So try this out guys if you are having issue with Rest Mode, and do let us know in the comment section below whether it worked for you or not?

Source: Reddit