Unofficial Working Fix For Rocket League PS4 Overheating Issue Discovered


Rocket League is already a fan favorite on PlayStation 4, being available for free thanks to the PlayStation Plus subscription. Anyway, it has encountered some issues since its launch, among which we have online connectivity problems that have made almost impossible for many gamers to play on day one.

Rocket League

Another issue regards the overheating of users’ PlayStation 4. When being in the main menu for ten minutes or more, in fact, the game causes overheating and makes the console become more noisy than usual because of the fans activation.

Developer Psyonix has said to have knowledge about this issue and a patch is already in the works, hopefully to be released in a matter of weeks, if not days.

“We are aware of these reports and we are taking them very seriously. We have already taken measures to reduce fan noise in upcoming hot fixes and patches, and we are also investigating what kind of effect the excessive fan noise may have on the system itself. We’ll definitely keep everyone updated with what we find.”

A useful trick to avoid the problem at all is to use the right analog stick on the main menu to point the screen downwards towards your car. This prevents the game from putting all of the background stuff on screen, and decreases the amount of fan intervention and heat in your system.

Let us know if this workaround has helped you some way, while waiting for an official patch to be released on PlayStation 4 sooner or later.