A new Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon patch is coming later this month


A new patch is coming to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon sometime later this month in an effort to fix a bunch of gameplay bugs and issues.

Currently, when players pick Litten at their starter Pokémon, the game can sometimes freeze during the cutscene. The glitch itself is minimal and doesn’t happen that often, but the fix is still a welcome announcement for anyone that was denied the chance to choose the starter Pokémon they wanted.

There is also a fix for the move Wide Guard, which is a Rock-type move that protects all ally Pokémon from wide-ranging attacks for one turn. The move can currently block any Z-Move in Ultra Sun and Moon whereas in Sun and Moon, the move could only block partial damage from the attack. The fix will revert the move back to what it was in Sun and Moon, meaning Z-moves can deal damage to an opponent once again.

Another big issue that the patch will be targeting involves Move Tutors. In some instances when a Pokémon knows less than four moves and is taught a new move by a Move Tutor, the Pokémon will automatically forget the first move in its list instead of filling up an empty space. The patch will make it so this does not happen anymore.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is out now for Nintendo 3DS.

H/T Serebii