There are several new evolution methods in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon brings a wealth of new options for fans to choose from, including changing the way players can evolve their favorite Pokémon.

In the original Sun and Moon, players had to wait a long time to evolve their Magneton into Magnezone and Charjabug into Vikavolt. You could only evolve them in a specific place on the final island, meaning players could only enjoy their fully-evolved Pokémon for the final few hours of the main story.

Now, however, players can evolve both of these Pokémon on Blush Mountain, which is one of the locations on the third island. This will allow players to use their newly-evolved Pokémon much earlier on in their quest.

Trainers will also be happy to know that Kanto Pokémon can now evolve into their Kanto evolutions. If you have a Pikachu, for example, you no longer have to trade it to an earlier game to evolve it into a regular Raichu.

Players can also evolve their Pokémon in Ultra Space, one of the new locations in the game, to get a regular Raichu, Exeggutor, Marowak, and more—as opposed to being stuck with their Alolan counterparts.

The last of the new evolution methods in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is the inclusion of a new Lycanroc form. This Lycanroc can only evolve from the event exclusive Rockruff players can download from the Mystery Gift option in-game between 6pm and 6:59pm local time.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is now available for Nintendo 3DS.