Rare Pokémon can be found by using the new Island Scan feature in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon


A new feature in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon allows players to capture rare and exciting Pokémon to add to their growing team.

Using the QR Scanner, which is a new in-game feature that can be found in the main menu, you can scan various QR codes of different Pokémon and it adds them to your Pokédex if you haven’t seen them before. But you can only scan 10 Pokémon QR codes a day.

After you have scanned 10 QR codes, the game will allow you to initiate an Island Scan, which reveals the trace of a rare Pokémon that otherwise can’t be found in the Alola region. Each Pokémon has a specific location depending on the day of the week, so be sure to activate this on the day that the Pokémon you want will appear.

Melemele Island

Monday: Squirtle

Tuesday: Onix

Wednesday: Horsea

Thursday: Scatterbug

Friday: Bulbasaur

Saturday: Litwick

Sunday: Charmander

Akala Island

Monday: Spheal

Tuesday: Combusken

Wednesday: Honedge

Thursday: Beedrill

Friday: Grovyle

Saturday: Marshtomp

Sunday: Ralts

Ula’ula Island

Monday: Swinub

Tuesday: Prinplup

Wednesday: Grotle

Thursday: Pidgeot

Friday: Monferno

Saturday: Axew

Sunday: Rhyhorn

Poni Islands

Monday: Aggron

Tuesday: Rotom

Wednesday: Leavanny

Thursday: Chesnaught

Friday: Greninja

Saturday: Delphox

Sunday: Eelektross