You can turn off the motion controls for the Ultra Warp Ride in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon


Motion controls in the Ultra Warp Ride can sometimes feel like a pain in the neck.

Having to tilt your console from one side of the other while dodging obstacles can lead to missing important wormholes that lead to special shiny and legendary Pokémon. That players will sometimes need to redo the minigame in hopes of finding them again.

There’s no option to choose a preferred controller type in the mingame itself, so it sometimes looks like it’s impossible to turn off motion controls. But there is a way to turn off motion controls and just use the standard circle pad instead.

After beating Ultra Necrozma and gaining access to Ultra Warp Ride minigame, players can head to the Game Freak office on Akala Island. There will be an Aether Foundation employee there who can give you the option to switch between motion controls and the circle pad.

Once you have selected your prefered option, you can head back into the Ultra Warp Ride minigame and start searching for those special rare Pokémon to fill up your Pokédex

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is out now for Nintendo 3DS.