Japanese Pokémon Centers will be distributing a bunch of Pokémon to Ultra Sun and Moon


Japanese Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon players will soon be able to receive six different Pokémon at their local Pokémon Center based on the Team Leaders of Rainbow Rocket.

Starting from Jan. 20, 2018, Japanese players will be able to grab themselves the following Pokémon from 11 different Pokémon Centers. These Pokémon will then cycle to different Pokémon Centers every week to give everyone a chance to get all six being offered.

Cofagrigus: Sapporo, Nagoya

Mienshao: Tohoku, Kyoto

Nidoking: Mega Tokyo, Osaka

Crobat: Skytree Town, Hiroshima

Mightyena: Tokyo Bay, Fukuoka

Honchkrow: Yokohama

The promotion will end six weeks later on March 11, giving players ample time to get them all.

This isn’t the first time that Pokemon Centers have done large distribution events like this. Last year, Nintendo of Japan offered Pokémon Sun and Moon players the chance to get a free Hrdreigon, Pyroar, Nidoqueen, Camperupt, Sharpedo, and Weavile in a similar event tied to former team bosses.

There’s no news yet on whether these boss-themed Pokémon will be distributed over in the U.S. and Europe anytime soon. It looks like it’ll be a Japanese exclusive event, meaning players will need to trade with Japanese players to get these exclusive Pokémon.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is out now for Nintendo 3DS.

H/T Serebii