The next Pokémon TCG set is Ultra Prism


The next Pokémon Trading Card Game set has been revealed, bringing with it a brand new mechanic to the game.

Ultra Prism is based on Pokémon from Ultra Sun and Moon, containing over 150 new cards, including six new Prism cards and ten GX cards. It is the first set to be based around Ultra Sun and Moon and is the fifth main instalment of cards based around the Sun and Moon series.

The Prism Star mechanic will make its debut in the new set. Players will only be allowed to have one Prism Star card in their deck and when the card is defeated in battle, it will be unrecoverable. The mechanic itself is still a mystery at this time, however.

The legendary Pokémon Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma will also be making their card game debut in the new set.

The set will be released in the west from February 2018 and in Japan in the next few days.

H/T Serebii