Valkyria Chronicles 4 New Trailer Revealing New Gameplay Mechanics


During the latest live stream by Sega, at their Tokyo HQ, they revealed a new trailer of Valkyria Chronicles 4: Eastern Front, which in the Western countries is known by Valkyria Chronicles 4. The trailer revealed various new interesting information regarding the game. We get to see the original game mechanics with the use of command points and action points, what happens when a unit is defeated in battle, the unit progression system. Plus, the customisability of the tanks stays along with the stickers and few new items like the Cruiser, the new Grenadier class etc.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Trailer Shows Gameplay Mechanics

In addition to those, new map features have been implemented too like Ragnite boxes, fire and avalanches. A few features are added to the classes in the game, like the engineer class can repair the stairs which can be used to reach inaccessible places in the levels. And one of the major changes or addition is that each squad member will have their own side missions.

The new Cruiser known as The Snow Cruiser Centurion in the game can also be modified and can provide radar data to reveal enemies and provide support during battles.

The game will be launched for the PS4, The Switch and Xbox One in 2018 in the US and Europe, dates are not yet revealed. In Japan, for PS4 it will be launched on 21st March 2018 and in summer for the Switch.