Valve Finally Comments On Half Life 3 Announcement, says “May Be Next Year” At E3 2016, Trolling Or They Are Serious?

Another E3 passed but no Half Life 3 announcement came from Valve. The hype surrounding the new instalment in Half Life franchise is pretty massive and Valve knows this very well, and so they did teased (or i should say TROLLED) Half Life 3 announcement in 2016 with a new poster (which is taken down now).

Half Life 3

This means, Half Life community is again back to square one on queries like: When Half Life 3 will release and When Valve will stop trolling Half Life fans about it’s official announcement?

Half Life 3 Poster

Now, here is another interesting troll, if you open “Valve.Software” now, there is just a two word message from Valve: “Maybe Next Year”.

Does this mean we are going to hear an official announcement of Half Life 3 from Valve at E3 2016? Interesting calculation here: “6-2-1 = 3”

Half Life 3 Teaser On Valve Website

Please Valve, just stop FU&^$% Trolling and Give Us Half Life 3.