Valve’s Gabe Newell Explains Effects Of Muslim Ban On His Company


Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban is one of the dumbest things we’ve ever seen and, while U.S. courts are making it ineffective pretty quickly, it’s still around and it’s still scaring people who need to travel in and out of the country. Valve’s Gabe Newell, in a recent interview, has pointed out this is causing a bad time to some of his employees.

Valve Boss On Donald Trump's Muslim Ban

“We have people who work at Valve who can’t go home,” he said. “They’ve been here for years. They pay taxes. They cheer for New England in the Super Bowl and we try to not hold that against them… “But you know, they can’t leave the country. So, like, there’s some event outside the country, and for the first time we say ‘Wait, they can’t go because they can’t get back.'”

“So that’s a problem, not just these hypothetical future employees but actual Valve employees. So yeah, that’s a concern for us.”

As you can see, Valve, as any other multinational company in the United States, risks each and every day to lose some talented employees because of this ban. Which is stupid, and hopefully set to change for better in the next few hours. On top of that, video game developers have been working lately, with guys like the makers of Fez and Papers, Please selling their titles at very little prices to gather funds in favor of those affected by the ban.