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Super Mario Odyssey Will Run At 1080p In TV Mode - Nintendo Customer Support

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Super Mario Odyssey Resolution - Docked And Handheld

According to Nintendo Customer Support, Super Mario Odyssey will run at 1080p in the TV mode, and the highest resolution in handheld mode will be 720p.

New Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds DLC 4K Screenshots

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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds 4K Screenshots

Guerrilla Games released 4 new screenshots of The Frozen Wilds DLC of Horizon: Zero Dawn. These new set of screenshots is focus on the environments and surroundings.

Destiny 2 PC: 13 Known Issues, Exact Release Time, Keyboard And Moust Controls

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Destiny 2 PC - Known Issues, Controls Layout, Release Time

Bungie shares lot of Destiny 2 PC Information such as list of 13 Known Bug, Glitches and Issues, Keyboard and Mouse Controls Layout, exact release time for all region, and PC Specs requirements.

Need for Speed: Payback On Xbox One Needs 17.18GB For Download

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Need for Speed Payback Download Size On Xbox One

The download size of Need for Speed: Payback has been revealed via Microsoft Store. Need for Speed: Payback needs 17.81GB for download.

Dev: Star Wars Battlefront II Singleplayer Campaign 5-7 Hours Long

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Star Wars: Battlefront II Singleplayer Campaign

A Star Wars Battlefront II developer confirmed that the singleplayer campaign is going to last 5 to 7 hours.

Ni no Kuni II Is Not In Development For Xbox One, Releasing Only On PS4 And Steam

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Ni no Kuni II Not In Development For Xbox One

Bandai Namco has debunk rumor that Ni no Kuni II is coming to Xbox One as well alongside PS4 and Steam version. The publisher confirmed that NO Xbox One version of Ni no Kuni II is in development.


Super Mario Odyssey Review Score From Famitsu - 39/40

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Super Mario Odyssey Famitsu Review Score

Famitsu has awarded Super Mario Odyssey Review Score of 39/40 i.e.10/10/9/10.

Visceral's Star Wars Game Now In Development At EA Vancouver, Amy Hennig's Future At EA In Discussion

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Visceral Games Shuts Down

EA Boss Peter Soderlund has clarified that Star Wars game that Visceral Games was working on is now in development at EA Vancouver and Steve Anthony is leading the team. Also, EA is in talk with Amy Hennig for her next move.

Egde Calls Super Mario Odyssey "A True Reinvention Of The Sandbox Platform" [Review]

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Super Mario Odyssey Review Information

Some additional new Super Mario Odyssey information has arrived from Edge Magazine. The publication in their Review called Super Mario Odyssey as "true reinvention of the sandbox platform".

WWE 2K18 On Nintendo Switch Needs Minimum 32GB Space For Download

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WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch Download Size

It seems you need to buy a 32GB microSD card to download WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo today revealed minimum space needed to Download WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch - it's Minimum 32GB.