VLC App Coming To Xbox One Thanks To Anniversary Update, First Screenshot Released


Windows 10 Anniversary Update will allow Xbox One to run third party apps. Among those apps we’ll have one coming from the VLC team, which will provide an incredible extension in terms of what and how we can play music and videos on our home consoles.

VLC App on Xbox One

The leader of VLC development team has posted, courtesy of Windows Central, an image showcasing how the app will look once on Xbox One.

The app, that really fits Xbox One look and feel, will likely release later this Summer, once the Anniversary Update will be out and stable enough to make it work fine.

Interestingly, the app is also going to work with Surface and HoloLens, the augmented reality device in the works at Microsoft, whose devkits have already been handed out in order to allow developers to start working on this new technology.

Among other features coming to Xbox One thanks to the Anniversary Update, we can surely list Cortana, the voice assistant that will allow players to browse faster through their content and have more accessible searches on the Internet. It will be Kinect-based.