VR Most Likely To Become A Part Of Forthcoming Xbox Scorpio: Xbox Boss

Xbox Scorpio project will bring the next generation console with 4K resolution and chances of having VR support. Phil Spencer (Xbox Head) has highlighted in recent conversation with media about VR compatibility similar to Kinect. What matters is to have a persistent gaming experience with minimum efforts.

Xbox Scorpio VR Headset

According to him, developers require to be highly accurate in developing game that supports the console and VR headset both. Existing model for PS4 demands wired connections and limits a user’s imminent gaming in terms of available space. Compared to that, Xbox Scropio VR might go wireless. VR Headset will not be just restricted to gaming console, Windows PC can get a chance too. Everything will be possible unless the platform is compatible with games and fully supports VR technology.

Phil Spencer is not content with the demos. He sees a huge space of VR in the gaming. The developers are working on building highly efficient games that can offer players a unique advancement and experience. Imagine playing games like Titanfall 2 using your body movements. Kinect on the other side tracks movements, but the liberty to enter in a pragmatic territory of virtual gaming is narrow.

Phil assumes after couple of years, games will be VR compatible, but this does not means that Xbox Scorpio project will eliminate the support for Virtual Reality. The chances are not 100% sure, we assume Xbox Scorpio would be incomplete without VR. The support will be added and afterward developers can go ahead with integrating controls in their games.

Do share your views what you think about the same. PS4 already has its VR supports, the next thing is Xbox Scropio. Do you think it is capable enough to deliver VR quality better than PS4?