Warframe’s Take on an Open World Arrives Next Week

Cats Vs Dogs

Warframe will be expanding next week when the Plains of Eidolon arrives. The new update will bring an open world area for players to enjoy, according to developers Digital Extremes. The Plains leave the corridors of other planets behind for a large open expanse filled with enemies to kill and things to see and do.

There will be a whole town called Cetus, populated by people called Ostrons. You can run or fly around the area, buy from new vendors, craft new items or even go fishing. The area will also feature a day and night cycle. When night falls giant monsters called Eidolons “ascend from the waters and wander in search of all they’ve lost”. This of course gives you the chance to murder them with some friends.

If you want to check out all the details of The Plains then check out the game’s website.

New Loot

The update will also introduce a new Frame, called Gara. There will also be new weapons, mods and a whole new Focus system to get to grips with. I’ve been playing Warframe for a long time now and the game continues to go from strength to strength. I really can’t wait to hit the Plains and see what Digital Extremes has in store for us. I am incredibly excited to see how the area looks. Warframe has always been an extremely pretty game but each update seems to bring subtle upgrades to how it all looks and comes together.

If you lack the patience to wait and see it all for yourself, you can check out the developer video below. It features twenty-two minutes of Plains of Eidolon gameplay. I can see myself spending a lot of time on the Plains and I hope to see you there Tenno.