Warner Bros. Take Over Online Gaming Studio Turbine

Acquisition has been a some sort of trend in gaming industry in Europe and North America and it continue with a news that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has acquire an Online Gaming Studio Turbine. Some of you might not know about Turbine, it is situated in North America and is the Largest privately own online gamni studio, Well this acquisition will make Warner Bros Home Entertainment as one of the video game company which is rapidly growing to a full fledge publishers.

A word was commented by the President of Warner Bros. Home Group, Kevin Tsujihara, he said that TUrbine has been a leader in the online entertainment industry for long time and we are expanding ourself from developing field to publishing field. With the acquisition we will be able to give our customer a online product which will help us in getting to close to them and feel their need.

Well this acquitision has come as a good news for the gaming world as Warner Bros. has prove themself good in the bussiness of development with the franchise like Batman, FEAR and not to forget Lord of the Rings.

Well there is one more good news from India also as India Giant Reliance has put forward an offer to get a major stake in Codemasters.