Watch Dogs 2: 30 Second Spot Leaked On Twitch, “Awful, Looks Horrible and Terrible” says Fans (Update)


Someone at Ubisoft seems to have pulled the trigger a bit too early on Watch Dogs 2 trailer. The trailer of Watch Dogs 2 just got leaked on Twitch, it is just a 30-second spot. You can take a look at it below, there are the lot of interesting stuff showcased: Skull Masks, EDM, Horse Mask. lead protagonist hacking stuff, actions, driving, San Francisco setting and many other things.

Watch Dogs 2

At the end of the trailer, the release date November 15, 2016, is also confirmed. Platforms were not listed but we expect Watch Dogs 2 to arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Enjoy the trailer below, expect a longer version of the trailer later today.

So far the trailer has received negative reception from users on Neogaf, here is the few impressions:

“That looks terrible.

Interesting song choice. Bad trailer. Horrible trailer. Need to see more but that didn’t fill me with confidence.

Watching it again it’s like they’re trying so hard to make it hip and cool to join the club of cell phone hacking. Doesn’t seem like an actual trailer they’ll play for a game reveal I think.”

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Just in case if Ubisoft decides to take down the video from YouTube citing copyright claim then you guys can watch the trailer via the tweet below.