Watch Dogs 2 Character Customization Detailed, Incredible Leak Was Ignored Three Months Ago


Watch Dogs 2 has finally been announced and from the looks of it the game is going to be much different from the original. For example, yesterday’s world premiere has showcased a much brighter and fun customization process for our characters. Players will be able to completely change Marcus’ appearance, allowing him to have a different look for each and every occasion we’ll be facing throughout the game.

Watch Dogs 2

More importantly, the video you can see attached to this news makes it clear there will be a shopping system à la Grand Theft Auto series, meaning that you can go out and check what’s in store, deciding on the fly what you want to buy for your character.

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Watch Dogs is releasing on November 15, basically taking Assassin’s Creed’s spot this year, but its announcement and details have amazingly been leaked three months ago by a Reddit user no one gave attention to.

This is an excerpt of the leak, talking about Marcus incredibly detailing how he looked three months ago:

Did you see this Marcus character? What does he look like (black/white, tall/short, nerd or wiseguy, etc)?

“It was all in black and white but from what I can tell Marcus is about medium build wise guy Ish but he’s far from a dumb ass and is white. The other three characters are cool as well. The female has multi colored hair and is a bit on the short side she’s also white. The other male is short and does parkour not sure on his race he was covered up. The wrench is tall and kind of skinny but strong. I forgot to mention one last thing t-bone returns and has a part in all this I don’t know what but he was all over the concept art and the concept trailer. They all kind of have the same style as the characters of infamous second son.”