Watch Dogs 2 Will Allow You To Shoot From Your Car, First Co-Op Details

Watch Dogs 2

One of the Watch Dogs flaws was it wouldn’t allow you to shoot with a gun while in your car. That was absurd, I really remember why developers didn’t think about that feature or why they deliberately gave upon it, despite looking like a given in other open world games.

Watch Dogs 2

Anyway, Watch Dogs 2 will see this feature finally coming back, in a vein of realism or whatever, also for the developers’ will to respond to their fans support and feedback over the years.

“Yes for sure, so as of right now while you’re driving you can hack. You can even deploy your drones and hack through different a point of view. You can shoot [while driving], which is something a lot of gamers said, ‘you know, that’s the way I want to play, you know I have a gun, why can’t I shoot while I’m in a car?’ So now you can,” senior producer Dominic Guay said in a new video.

Also, co-op has been reworked for Watch Dogs 2. Here’s how:

“When you start the game, you can just meet another Dedsec friend anywhere in the city. I can be a complete strange, but you know they are part of Dedsec and they’re allies. You have a contact list in your phone and you can actually jump into the game with your friends. You can actually provoke that situation with someone you know and then go and co-op if you want to. If players don’t want that, they can turn this off.

Hacking into other players’ games was the most popular online [interaction] we had. We’re expanding the mechanics of that with our new toys, so that is going to get, I guess, an improvement in Watch Dogs 2.”

Watch Dogs is releasing on November 15 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A demo will be showcased at E3 2016.