Watch Dogs: Coolest Feature Everyone Seems To Have Missed, “Interior Simulation”, Looks Stunning

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, one of the most awaited and highly anticipated brand new IP of 2014 is just few hours away from its official launch. The recent leak screenshots we have seen from Playstation 4, PC and other versions confirms that graphics are visual treat for eyes.

Here is another coolest feature in Watch Dogs that everyone of us seems to have mixed, “Interior Simulation”. Check out the in-game GIF below detailing it, definitely looks stunning.

Watch Dogs

Its almost on the every window (wherever needed or appropriate), and it looks like the spaces are not rendered in 3D, and seems to be based of reflection technology.

Please NOTE: The GIF posted below is around 15MB in size, you it might take time. You can check out different shot of this effect with high quality HERE, again size is massive 145MB but worth looking as it looks impressive. Now tell us in the comment section below, have you seen anything like that in any other game?

Watch Dogs GIF Showing Interior Simulation