Watch Dogs file size on Xbox One is 20 GB, Half the size of PS4 version

Watch Dogs

Once again Watch Dogs has becom one of the hottest topic of the gaming world. This time around it is not about the graphics but game’s file size. Barely a month before the release of this creation by Ubisoft Montreal, more and more information about the game’s various aspects is being reviled.

Watch DogsThe product page on states that game’s file size is 20.42 GB which is nearly half the size of PS4 version. Along with this the complete list of Achievements and Trophies has also been leaked. There will be 38 Achievements which will all to a Gamerscore of 1000G. You can read all the details about achievements HERE, beware possible spoilers.

Watch Dogs is scheduled to launch on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC on 27th May, a Wii U version will follow later this year.

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Watch Dogs Xbox One Download Size