Watch Dogs Map Compared with GTA V and GTA IV, Looks A Lot Smaller Than GTA V?

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GTA V Screen 10

Watch Dogs will arrive on retail shelves next week, we have already seen numerous gameplay footages from almost all ports and now its times to check out the full map of Watch Dogs and where does it’s total size stand when compared to Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V i.e Liberty City and Los Santos.

Watch Dogs vs GTA VOne user on Reddit constructed a complete map of Watch Dogs using Photoshop with details taken from this video and the end result was as follows. The user noted: “This isn’t 100 percent correct map of Watch Dogs but margin of error is just 10 to 20 percent.”

Watch Dogs Map

He then went on to overlap Watch Dogs map with that of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Watch Dogs GTA IV Map Comparison

Now check out map comparison of GTA V vs GTA IV (first image below) and comparison of Watch Dogs map vs GTA IV map vs GTA V map.

GTA V vs GTA IV Map Comparison

Watch Dogs vs GTA V vs GTA IV Comparison

Personal View of Editor:

For those who are thinking that Watch Dogs maps is too small as compared to GTA V, Please Note: GTA V map is huge but there were lot of empty space whereas Watch Dogs is based on real-life Chicago City there’s going to be packed tightly with things to do.