Watch Dogs on PC: Stuttering issue is bug not Optimization issue, “development team investigating” says Ubisoft

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s recently released open world title, Watch Dogs is suffering for nasty stuttering and lag issues especially on PCs with high-ends GPU. Today, Sebastein Viard via Twitter announced that stuttering issue in Watch Dogs PC version is due to bug and there’s no optimization issue.

He also added that development team are investigating the issue. When asked: “I believe the stuttering issues may be related to a memory leak. It uses loads of ram and HDD when stuttering but less GPU and CPU” and “It’s ridiculous that a tri titan system, with 64 gb’s of ram and a intel i7 4960x is having stuttering issue’s. Optimize better.”

Watch Dogs

Sebastein replied: “Hello. It’s a bug that’s currently being investigated :)” and “It’s not an optimization issue, it’s a bug that’s currently being investigated, thanks for your patience :)”

This mean if you are playing Watch Dogs on PC and facing stuttering issue, you can’t do much about it because its a bug in the game and will be fixed via patch and how soon the patch will arrive there’s no details from Ubisoft.

Tell us in the comment section what issue you guys are facing in Watch Dogs and is there any trick to fix it?