Watch Dogs on PS4 is Pretty Solid, Looks Handsome as Compared to PC at Max Setting, Issues in Xbox One Port: Report

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs on Playstation 4 runs at 900p/30 FPS whereas Xbox One version runs at 792p/30 FPS. Does this difference in resolution also result in performance difference? Ubisoft’s Jonathan Morin has stated numerous times on Twitter that PS4 and Xbox One ports of Watch Dogs are identical. Well, performance analysis report from Eurogamer presents a difference picture altogether.

According to report, Playstation 4 version of Watch Dogs is “handsome-looking game” as compared to PC version running at maximum setting despite missing full 1080p buffer.

Watch Dogs

“Despite lacking a full 1080p framebuffer, the PS4 edition remains a very handsome-looking game compared to the PC release running at maximum settings.” says analysis report.

The report further adds that Watch Dogs performance on Playstation 4 is pretty strong, its pretty solid, motion is fluid and controller latency is consistent.

“One of the elements we like about the PS4 version is that performance is pretty strong for an open-world title. It feels solid, motion is fluid, and controller latency – while a little muggy – is at least consistent for most of the duration.”

As compared to Playstation 4 version, the performance of Watch Dogs on Xbox One is not up to the mark. Here is what the report says:

“The principal difference between the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game – the Microsoft console runs over budget more often, especially in driving sections, meaning more tearing. Noticeable, but not especially annoying on PS4, the Xbox One version is somewhat more intrusive in this regard – with tearing even appearing in certain cut-scenes, which remain completely solid on the Sony console.”

You guys can check out the full performance analysis report HERE. On which platform are you guys playing Watch Dogs? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.