Watch Dogs on Xbox One “feel right, constant frame rate and great visuals”, new details on skills, DOF

Watch Dogs: PC Max Setting Screen 3

Ubisoft are keeping their cards close to their chest when it comes to Xbox One version of Watch Dogs. So far whatever gameplay footage we have seen, either they were from Playstation 4 port or PC port, nothing from Xbox One version yet.

Watch DogsToday, Creative Director Jonathan Morin has shared some interesting details regarding Xbox version Watch Dogs, vehicle customization, presence of Dept of Field “DOP”, number of skills available and many more things.

Morin was first asked to comment on resolution at which Watch Dogs on Xbox One? he didn’t mention the exact figure but stated that he has played Watch Dogs on Xbox One and it feels right, constant smooth frame-rate and great visuals.

“I can say I played the version and it felt right. Constant smooth frame rate & great visual.” replied Morin.

When asked whether DOF effect is present in the phases of gameplay? Morin replied:

“if DOF = Dept of Field… then the answer is yes.”

Furthermore, Morin was asked to gives out number of skills that will be present in Watch Dogs and whether the game take place only in one region “Chicago”? to this he replied:

“lots of skills but I cant count them from home & certainly not by memory. The region question on other hand I can’t say yet.”

Last but not the least, Morin confirmed that there won’t be option to customise vehicles in Watch Dogs, and development has concetrated on variety in driving feel and other related feature.

“No car tuning. We pushed for variety in driving feel and the car-on-demand feature to provide driving dept.”

Watch Dogs is scheduled to launch on May 27 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3. Wii U version will launch in Fall 2014, according to game’s listing on Ubisoft’s Uplay Store.