Watch Dogs: Ton of Exciting New Details on Story, Gameplay, Graphics And More From Twitch Stream

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is just few days away from official release but few lucky gamers are already playing and live streaming the gameplay on Twitch and other website.

Watch Dogs

Recently, Russian website live stream Watch Dogs Xbox 360 gameplay. Here are some interesting and pretty useful details on Watch Dogs graphics, story and other aspect from the live streaming.


  • Watch Dogs story seems very character driven
  • Despite the view that Aiden is the typical action hero that many people seem to be worried about or have already adopted as fact, he is a deeper character than meets the eye. For example, he gets frustrated, good sense of humor, has feelings of sadness, etc. He seems to put everything behind a brawny exterior to keep himself doing the difficult things. To go further, his mission/revenge doesn’t seem to be fueled by anger or rage, but because he knows he has to.
  • The dialogue between characters is superb
  • Some missions share similarities to Assassin’s Creed and GTA, such as tailing people but the hacking aspect differentiates the game from GTA and Assassin’s Creed.
  • The hacking aspect puts a unique twist on the stealth gameplay because you need to also be aware of the people near your character as you’re hacking a security camera for example. It adds a type of difficulty and spatial awareness to the game, which I’m a fan of, personally.
  • The contextual climbing doesn’t seem as clumsy as AC sometimes does, which is probably because it is no where near the same level or amount of it. With that said, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of control over it on your part. For example, Aiden will automatically do a side-wall jump to climb up something big.


  • Graphics/Visuals are top-notch, especially for last-gen consoles i.e Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
  • There aren’t many NPCs roaming about and number of cars are also limited.
  • Everything works smooth. Some cutscenes transfer seamlessly back into the gameplay.
  • Jumping out of moving car aka “Ragboll Physics” is hilarious but looks pretty realistic
  • Daytime isn’t nearly as washed out as others would have you believe. It’s pretty realistic within the city where there’s a lot of shadow cast by the building, but outside of the city, it’s still a little washed out and bright.

Small/Maybe Irrelevant Details

  • Players will be able to download songs from other people’s phones
  • The backyards of houses vary greatly, as well as the design of the houses.
  • The outfit you choose for Aiden stays persistent through cutscenes.
  • The hideouts are sick and will remind me a lot of batman, if he were a hacker and didn’t wear an outfit and wasn’t rich.
  • The durability of cars varies depending on the type of car. Muscle cars are pretty durable because they’re meant to last, for example (source is from a loading screen tip, not direct observation)
  • There are Assassin’s Creed Easter Eggs in the game, but not the way that you’d expect. The two series may not be in the exact same universe, but they are definitely connected as AC is represented as video games. I understand that Abstergo Entertainment supposedly makes video games. Still, they share story mechanisms just like the AC games that we play. Also, I’m not talking about the game box that’s on T-Bone or Defalt’s desk
  • That weird rumbling start/take off for cars seems to be the wheels peeling out. My guess it’s starting to drive with the trigger immediately pressed down all the way, similar to slamming the gas the moment you want to go.
  • There’s lots of cussing.
  • At least for Xbox 360, loading times are long, even for small things like restarting at a checkpoint.

Stay Tune, we will keep updating this post with new details as soon as it is made available. Watch Dogs is scheduled to launch on May 27 for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360.