Watchdogs 2 Patch 1.11 Adds New Ending, Hints Watch Dogs 3 In London

Recently, Ubisoft released Patch 1.11 for Watch Dogs 2. The update was 10 GB in size for PS4 and Xbox One, and fixed log of bugs and improved overall performance of the game. Wait that’s not all, patch 1.11 also added a new cut-scene at the very end of the game (a brief conversation between two unknown MAN) and coordinates that directs to London City when feed into the Google Map. Watch Dogs community is on the opinion (speculation) that this short new cut-scene is related to the sequel, Watch Dogs 3 which is going to be set in London.

Watchdogs 2 Patch 1.11

You guys can check out the video of the new cut-scene below. It is a very brief conversation between two unspecified people, nothing after that. It ends with Marcus in DedSec headquarters.

Man 1: How much of this is hyperbole? Has it really gone global?

Man 2: There are new Dedsec cells popping up everywhere. The Middle East, South America, Europe. And not just them. We can’t even keep up with all the new hacktivist groups.

Man 1: Alright. Make the call.

Man 2: You Sure?

Man 1: Do it.

This patch is essential for upcoming DLC Human Conditions, to be held in San Franciso area, where players will play the additional mission to expose scandals. The size is huge around10 GB for consoles and 14 GB for PC.

The logs show many fixes along with new things like clothing, system tweaks, etc. It also reveals new content with improvements and tweaks on the online gameplay. Fresh content includes new World Locations in the world map, new dances along with two new emotes mock and laughing. There are 12 new clothing items with 4 dedicated to DedSec. Two outfits are added in the Ubisoft Club Rewards based on themes of For Honor and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

The patch carries fixes and tweaks for Leaderboard, Multiplayer, Performance AI and Game system. The full patch log source is shared at the end. Finally, the new cut scene ends that triggers the assumption of a sequel will be something new to watch out in coming time. The first title was released in May 2014, and then the second appeared in November 2016. It could be projected to have the new title at the mid or end of this year if the cut scene does hint a sequel.

Watch Dogs 2 – Patch 1.11 Logs