A Way Out: A Game highly inspired by popular TV series Prison Break Coming Early 2018

A WAY OUT is new EA Origins backed indie title which tells the story of lead characters in very dynamic and emotionally attached way. The developer claimed it to be one of the best Co-Op game you must have played, which is a big claim to make but time will tell as we get more info about the title.

Way Out Game

Judging by the trailer and gameplay, A WAY OUT seems heavily inspired by the Prison Break, a hit TV series based on the story of two brothers and breaking out of impossible prison establishments and surviving the outer worlds laws and enforcement.

A Teaser and Gameplay clip demonstrates the multiple choices gameplay A WAY OUT offers and how every choice you make does the impact on gameplay. The video below shows two characters Vincent, who is already a prisoner and Leo who had made his entry. Both plans to escape by conducting chains of plans of distracting guards, using various objects around, etc.