Here’s how to get Destiny 2’s exotic shotgun, Legend of Acrius


One of Destiny 2’s most powerful Power weapons is obtained via an exotic quest. Legend of Acrius is a Cabal slug shotgun that will dominate enemies in both PvE and PvP alike. Here’s how to get it.

On the Comms

After you reach level 20, this quest will drop randomly when you kill a Cabal soldier. At this point, you must go to Nessus and kill Red Legion Cabal on that planet. As you do so, they will randomly drop Communication Ciphers. Collect five of them.

Up next in the quest line is a step called “Destroyer of Worlds” which requires you to complete the Leviathan Raid. Check out our guide on how to beat it.

The Arms Dealer

Once the Raid is finished, you will get the next step in the quest, called “Imperial Invitation,” from a hacked Sweeper bot in the Tower named Benedict 99-40. He will task you with finishing The Arms Dealer Strike on Earth, at 300 Power level.

This Strike is difficult, as it functions as a Prestige Nightfall of sorts. Enemies will be much tougher to kill, and it will be way harder to complete if you’re not already 300 Power. It has modifiers called Prism, which periodically changes the elemental burn, and Time Warp, which puts random white squares of light around the map that give you more time when you shoot them.

Put it to good use

Once this difficult task is completed, you will be rewarded the Legend of Acrius, but you’re not done yet. “Cabal Killer” is the next step. With the Legend of Acrius, you will need to kill 25 Cabal, kill 15 Cabal at close range, and kill multiple Cabal without reloading 10 times. The last one is tough, as the Acrius only holds one shot in the chamber as of now. Find a good spot in the EDZ where Cabal spawn consistently, wait for them to group, and blow two or three of them away with one shot.

Return to Leviathan

You’re almost there. Up next is “His Highness’s Seals,” which will require you to play through the Raid again. For each Raid encounter you play, including fighting in the Castellum, you will be rewarded a Seal. Collect 10 Seals to finish the step. It should take you less than two full Raid runs to finish.

Finally, the final step, is “Always a Hero,” which tasks you with completing the Leviathan Raid on Prestige difficulty. Doing so will max out the Legend of Acrius’s stats and equip you with the dominant shotgun at its full potential.