Spencer Explains Why Scorpio Name Branding Was Not Retain For Xbox One X

Project Scorpio is officially named Xbox One X. Many of you might not like the final name of Microsoft’s new console, but you have no other options apart from living with it. However, it is not that Microsoft came up with the name Xbox One X at once and it was immediately approved. According to the details revealed by Phil Spencer, multiple names were discussed for Project Scorpio before giving a green light to Xbox One X.

Xbox One X - Alternate Names Revealed

Speaking with our friend at IGN, Phil Spencer revealed other names that were considered for Xbox One X. Calling it ELITE was one of the options but Microsoft decided to skip it because they have already called one of their Xbox One consoles ‘Elite’.

Spencer further revealed that “Scorpio” branding was also considered for the final name (there were a lot of request from fans to retail Scorpio branding), but they were a force to skip it as it was a hard name to get the trademark for.

“I know a lot of people wanted us to call it ‘Scorpio’—Xbox One Scorpio, that’s a hard one to get the trademark for.” said Spencer.

Lastly, Spencer explained that the term “One” was never considered to be dropped from the branding of the new console because “we have a family of consoles. Because we know different price points are important, and we know that for many customers, maybe customers who haven’t jumped into this generation yet, the Xbox One S is a great console for them.”

Microsoft announced Xbox One S earlier today at their E3 press conference. It will be available starting from November 7 for $499. Check out some high-resolution images of Xbox One X and also the box art (game and console both).

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