Wii U consumes less power than any next-gen console, Xbox One is most power hungry : NRDC


Today, the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) U.S. gave new details about the energy consumption of Wii U, according to a study it might be less than the energy consumption recorded on the Wii.

This press release was distributed through an official figure published by the institution, which shows how the latest Nintendo console is cheaper when it comes to reducing the costs of the electricity bill.

The study also indicated that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, considerably exceeds the energy cost of the Wii U, doubling the power consumption. PS4 and Xbox One consumes more power than their last generation.


Undoubtedly, the next-gen Microsoft console i.e. Xbox One is the most energy consuming. According to figures, Xbox One can consume almost 300 kWh/year, where as the Wii U is at just 37 kWh/year (Wii’s power consumption is at 40 kWh/year).

NRDC study further details that Xbox One consumes 15W for Kinect non-stop, just to get user’s voice command for mostly ‘Xbox On’. Which almost costs $400 million in annual electricity bills in the US. NRDC study further reveals that in America gaming consoles consumes electricity which cost’s almost $1 billion, as much electricity in a year as the city of Houston consumes.

So next time when we buy a console, lets consider energy consuming factor too.