Wii U controller specification and first details revealed

Nintendo has finally revealed their new home console “Wii U which will feature table-like controller with built in 6.27 touch screen. The best part of this screen is that it can be used as a single screen for games, as well as dual screen with games on HDTV.

Wii U

Nintendo has confirmed that the controller will not be portable, and can only be used in proximity of the main Wii U console.

The controller will feature D-pad, and two analog pads, and these are position high up on the controller rather than more traditional lower down positioning like PS3 and Xbox 360 controller. The Wii U controller will have two shoulder button and two trigger buttons.

Gamers can make use of this controller for making video calls as well as it features speakers, a microphone and a camera.

Check out the trailer below: