Dev: Wolfenstein II Peformance On Nintendo Switch Will Be Whatever DOOM Is Capable On


A lot of Bethesda games is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch, a few are coming later this year – DOOM, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, whereas few are scheduled to launch in 2018 such as Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Our friend at GameSpot recently sat down Wolfenstein II Creative Director Jens Matthies to talk on wide range of topics, but the thing that got us interested was what is that one reason that made the development team give a go-ahead to the Nintendo Switch version Wolfenstein II, and how the game performance is going to be on Nintendo Switch.

Wolfenstein II - Dev Assures Great Performance on Nintendo Switch

When asked what is that one thing that made you feel that Wolfenstein II should be made for Nintendo Switch, and to our surprise – that one reason turned out to be – they want as many players as possible to play the Wolfenstein.

“We just want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to play the game. So any platform that can run the game, we want to be on. And it seems intriguing to me to have it portable and all that stuff. But the experience itself, it doesn’t really matter what kind of platform you’re on, it’s still the same game.”

Not a single third-party AAA game have released until today on Nintendo Switch, so performance is one of the major factors in the minds of Nintendo Switch owners – how these games are going to perform. GameSpot asked Jens Matthies what type of experience Nintendo Switch owners can expect from Wolfenstein II? to which he replied: “I think a good reference point would be Doom. Because it’s the same engine. It will be whatever Doom is capable of, that is what Wolfenstein is capable of.”

So far select few media outlets have been given a chance to try out DOOM and Skyrim on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode and with respect to performance, both didn’t disappoint. You can read our multiple coverages on tech/performance analysis: Skyrim Nintendo Switch Demo Analysis: Native 720p/30FPS, Delivers An Accomplished Mobile Experience and DOOM Nintendo Switch Analysis: Utterly Insane, Respectable Looking Version On What Is Effectively A Tablet.

It’s good to see that slowly and steadily third-party developers are accepting Nintendo Switch as another platform to release their big AAA games.

Source: GameSpot