Wolfenstein: The New Order PS3 build leaked on torrent sites one week before release


Bethesda upcoming FPS shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order has been leaked on numerous torrent website full one week before official release. As per the details we have received from our readers, notorious “COLLATERAL” group has leaked PS3 version of Wolfenstein: The New Order and those who have jailbroken console can play the build right away.

Wolfenstein: The New OrderWe have crossed the reports and indeed Wolfenstein: The New Order PS3 build is leaked and is available for download. Furthermore, reports from torrent sites states that Xbox 360 build of Wolfenstein: The New Order will be available for download soon.

There’s no harm to PC build as its powered by Steam’s DRM. Wolfenstein: The New Order is officially scheduled to launch on May 20. We advice our readers to support Bethesda in this tough time as Machine Games worked really hard on development of Wolfenstein: The New Order, Don’t share links of torrent download in the comment section, Support Bethesda, Say not to PIRACY.