Here’s how to find all the purple coins in the Wooded Kingdom


The Wooded Kingdom is a giant greenhouse kingdom. One hundred coins are hidden in Super Mario Odyssey’s most serene world. Some can be found out in the open while others lie hidden in the Kingdom’s many secret areas.

As with most levels, certain coins are only available after completing the main story quests. So be sure to complete the game before trying to find them all.

The Deep Woods (Underground)

1) The Deep Woods can be accessed if a player falls off of the main map. In the southern part of the main Wooded Kingdom area, there is a bunch of three coins levitating in the air near the cliff. Instead of using Cappy to grab them, jump forward to grab them and drop into the secret area.

After that, players will be able to find a small section of coins hidden in the underground area. Look for specific landmarks highlighted below to find them all.

After collecting all the coins, use one of the many plant pots to escape the area and return to the main kingdom.

Back aboveground

Now that the underground section is out of the way, we can finally get back to the main quest. It should be noted that, like with most Kingdoms, players will need to complete all the story missions to get all of the purple coins.

2, 3, 4) A large batch of coins sit in the starting area, just around the Odyssey. They are pretty easy to find and are hiding either behind or inside of trees.

5) A few coins can be located in the air in the area on top of the nearby waterfall in the starting area.

6) More coins are hidden behind a tree by the nearby store. There are also coins on the tree nearby.

7) Head into the cave behind the Sphynx, coins will be awaiting you on the nearby ledge before the exit.

8) After going through the cave exit, turn left and work your way around the large structure. Grab a nearby Uproot with Cappy’s ability to find some coins just in the air above some blocks.

9) Head into the structure to the west of the map and climb the beanstalk. You will see some coins in a hidden section of the wall while climbing.

10) After climbing the beanstalk, players can find coins just above the wall near the flock of Goombas.

11) Near the flock of Goomba’s is a secret entrance. This small hole hides a couple of those pesky purple coins. After collecting those coins, you can find more just on the opposite of the barrier, linking the Goomba section to the center of the map.

12) In the area surrounded by Tanks just after the Goomba portion of the map, players will notice a set of platforms to the side of the wall. Following these platforms will lead to some purple coins and a secret area.

13) Following the path after the Goomba section, players will scale the wall to continue to the end game boss. There will be purple coins that can be picked up on the way.

14) In the secret door below the slope leading to the end-level boss and another secret door, players will find one of the many puzzle rooms of the Wooded Kingdom. Continue through the puzzle and players will see a stack of purple coins to collect.

15) Above the previous puzzle door is another puzzle. Once again, follow the puzzle as intended and once players reach the section with the Fire Hammer Brothers, players will notice a set of coins above near the platforms.

16) Two lone coins can be found on the lone tree under the slope, just before players go off to the final boss room.

17) At the highest point of the map, players will be able to find four coins off the side of a platform. Throw Cappy towards them to grab them safely.

18) High above the map near the entrance to the end-level boss is a beanstalk puzzle. Going through the puzzle section, players will notice a set of coins on their way to the Moon.

19, 20) Back in the center of the map, after exiting the tunnel behind the Sphynx, players can find a small selection of coins in the nearby river.

21) After collecting the coins from the river, jump into the lake. A secret pipe will take you to a puzzle area. Players will find the coins with ease while going through the puzzle.

22) After coming out of the pipe in the river and before scaling the large structure, look left. Four coins will be waiting for you over a deadly chasm.

23) In the red maze, players will be able to clearly see a selection of coins above them. Use an Uproot to grab them.

24) Near the area that players face off against the Piranha Plants are few purple coins, hidden just underneath the platform on a secret ledge.

25) Just on the path from the Piranha Plants, players will need to cross a gap using the flower bridge. You can find a set of coins behind the first structure, over the chasm.

26) There is a small selection of coins inside of the Sky Garden Tower. Use an Uproot to get them.

27) The final set of coins are hidden just behind the arena where you fight this world’s Broodal.